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About us

Grounded Kiwis is a network of New Zealanders, and those who call Aotearoa New Zealand home, seeking to change the Managed Isolation and Quarantine system.


We are a diverse and politically-neutral group, living inside and outside New Zealand, and we are all affected by the Government's MIQ policy, which prevents Kiwis returning to New Zealand.


We are calling for sensible changes to that policy that will both protect New Zealand and help Kiwis more easily return to New Zealand. Specifically we are asking the Government to:

  • Ensure that all Kiwis (including permanent residents) can enter the country, with an MIQ supply which reflects demand.

  • Change the criteria for emergency allocation spots so that people with emergencies can return home quickly.

  • Change the MIQ booking system to ensure the system is accessible and everyone can fairly secure a spot.

  • Resource MIQ email, phone and online chat support appropriately to ensure people can receive timely and personalised responses.

  • Review 10-day MIQ requirement for fully-vaccinated travellers, based on scientific evidence. 

  • Improve communication between the Government, MBIE, MIQ and users, based on principles of maximum transparency and minimised uncertainty.

We also provide information on border policy developments and available support resources. We welcome enquiries from the media and other groups with similar objectives.

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