Your story


We are creating a video to accompany the presentation of our petition to Parliament calling on the Government to #fixMIQ. We would like to have snippets of impacted people around the world, to edit into a video. Want to help?


We would like people to film themselves, their families, and/or those who they are separated from sharing their experience. We need videos of no more than 1 minute.  


Try to broadly cover the following:


  1. My name is .......(first name only)

  2. I’m currently in..................with/separated from ..............(any partner, children)

  3. I’ve been trying to get back (or leave NZ and get back) for…..(e.g. 3 months)

  4. What impact has MIQ had on you? What are you struggling with the most? How has it felt to be locked in or out of New Zealand? [choose one of these, which is the closest to you, and share.]

  5. I was number ……. in the lottery [if relevant to you]

  6. I signed the petition because....... [if relevant to you]


If your partner/children/family/friends want to also share the impact of being separated, or if you want to include any snippets of them saying they miss you etc, screen records of zoom or whatsapp calls etc, feel free to also upload this kind of footage for us to edit into the montage. We want this to be as ‘human’ as possible. 


Uploading footage


Please upload your footage to our drop box at the link below:


Filming tips

  • If you are recording on your phone, selfie style, you must do this horizontal, and not vertical.

  • If you want to film using a camera and have a wider frame, that’s great too! See frame examples below.

  • If you are using your phone, please set your phone to highest capture. On iPhone, go to Settings> Camera> and select 4k at 30FPS.  Same with camera, please set to highest capture settings.

  • If you don't have a phone or camera, you can use a computer screen as a last resort.

  • Check your light/shadows and make sure you are not shooting into the sun

  • A nice, but not too busy backdrop that may give the idea where you are in the world. Try not to have a plain white wall behind you. Give the scene depth.

  • Not a noisy environment. We want to hear all your stories.

  • Don’t wear stripes! It causes technical problems. 

Example shots

image 2.jpg